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The Cosmic Conspiracy

Our nation, and many parts of the world, are awash in a sea of chaos and controversy. Every news cycle brings billowing waves of conflicting reports from entrenched camps of opinions and agendas on everything from the present pandemic to politics. We are being inundated by information from commentators and newscasters who are uncovering deeper layers of a purported great conspiracy that is being foisted on us by super secretive elites that are aiming to take over the world. Fact checkers are in high demand as well crafted sound bytes are catapulted out into the airwaves and land on every media platform on the planet. The “big” media moguls are not trusted to tell the truth, and the little, obscure media outlets are considered by many to be just another voice of conspiracy crying in the wind. Where has sanity gone? Where is the truth hiding? What is really going on?

The great, and wise King, Solomon, once said something to the effect that everyone's case sounds true until another person speaks. What we thought we knew can be rebutted in an instant causing us to rethink our position. This constant presentation of new information is creating a cultural insecurity that is causing many to become frozen in the valley of indecision because they don’t know what to believe. How can everyone be telling the truth? If people are conflicted, can truth be conflicted? Can truth be subjective? Can truth ever really be known? In the immortal words of Pontius Pilot: “What is truth?” At times it seems like it is a moving target that has no intention of ever being hit.

There are aspects of truth that can be observable by repeated experimentation. This is empirical truth - truth that can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt because it is based on the unchanging nature of some cosmic law that has been discovered. These truths form just a thin layer of ultimate truth, which must extend to the far reaches of the universe where no human has any first-hand experience. Gravity is one such truth that will always work in the same way as long as the context is confined to planet Earth. Beyond that, the rules as we know them may not apply and assumptions may lead to disaster.

This realization of the vastness of truth, and the recognition that we humans have more questions than answers about the nature of ultimate truth has led to an ever-increasing insecurity in the core of our beings. If we were made in the image of God, then the drive for the apprehension of truth is in our DNA. Jesus, God incarnate, stated boldly that HE is truth. So if we take Jesus at His word, we know that ultimate truth does exist and it was contained in a human form, and is now totally and fully available to all who accept and acknowledge Jesus as the only source of truth.

We simply cannot thrive, and eventually will not survive without truth. Why is something so vital so elusive? Could there be a truly grand, cosmic conspiracy to suppress the truth that Jesus promised would set us free? Who would do such a thing and for what motive? The Apostle Paul opens an observation window into a wicked world where the beating heart of some diabolical plan is spinning webs of deceit and deception over humanity:

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who suppress the truth in unrighteousness,” [Rom. 1:18 NASB].

In this passage of scripture, Paul is giving an answer for all the darkness, death, and destruction that is in the world. Once truth is suppressed, untruth sweeps in and begins a steady death march of decay. How did a world that God created in beauty get so corrupted? Paul goes on to say:

“They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen.” [Rom. 1:25 NLT]

Why would humans, created in the image of God, and given the sublime position of intimate fellowship with God, want to throw it all away for a lie? Paul says that they “traded” the truth for a lie. The truth was not secretly stolen from them, it was handed over by them in exchange for something that was being purported to be much better and higher than what they had. This makes no sense - unless there was/is a deep, dark, hidden agenda that is so methodically thought out, and cleverly crafted by some very powerful being to overthrow truth. There must be a conspiracy of cosmic proportions at work.

By simple definition, a conspiracy is a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. This secret plan can be generated in the heart and mind of one individual and then spawned off into others who buy into the plan. Our modern societies are brimming over with conspiracy theories that touch every conceivable facet of humanity. With the advent of mass communication technologies, conspiracy conversations have become a cancer eating away at the foundations of trust in just about everything. This has created an atmosphere of fear and angst - just the right soil conditions for the true intent of all conspiracies to metastasize.

In order for a conspiracy to grab hold in the collective mind of a people group, it must do two things. The first is that it must somehow separate the one who is believing the truth from the source of truth. This gap allows something else to fill the void created by this separation. The second thing that must happen is that a methodical plan of introducing alternate versions of truth must begin to fill the void and cause a subterranean well of confusion and questioning to percolate to the surface and begin the process of rust, rot, and decay of the belief systems that have been built around the truth as it was held by the people group. In this way, a gradual shift in the direction of the conspiracy can happen without much detection until a critical mass of truth has been wrenched out of the group's collective shared values and beliefs. Once this happens, the conspirators can rise to power and start outwardly dismantling the infrastructures that truth has built. The parable of the frog in the kettle aptly illustrates this process. The unchecked subtlety of the gradual will eventually become the suddenly of the inevitable.

An astute student of human history will see this scenario played out over and over again. The rise of a great civilization that holds such promise for lifting mankind to greatness is followed by the tragic downfall of every sector of their society. When thoroughly investigated, the cause of death in most cases turns out to be either that the culture was built on a foundation of lies to begin with, or that the foundations of truth were attacked and eroded to the point of collapse. In either case, I submit to you that somewhere, deep in the shadows, a sinister, maniacal, conspirator is at work.

If it can be proven that there is an ancient, cosmic conspiracy at work aimed at the suppression and replacement of truth, it can be proven that all of the evil in human history is somehow connected to this dark agenda. If this conspiracy does exist, what is its ultimate purpose? Is the endgame merely to rule the world, or is there something infinitely more grandiose at play?

In order to answer this question we must leave the boundaries of earthly, naturalistic thinking, and launch out into the cosmos where in an eternal, timeless realm, a capital crime against the TRUTH was committed. This crime and its criminal will be the subject of our investigation. In this investigation there must be a few grand assumptions. One being that all that we know in our existence has an origin of creation - what we see, and know to be real in the universe did not just happen to come into existence without the intentional intelligence of a creator. Another assumption must be that there are things that exist that do not have a basis for a definition of existence based in natural thinking. In other words there must be a spiritual, or super-natural realm that is eternally more real than the temporal reality we call the real world.

With these two assumptions under foot, we will need to make one more critical assumption in our quest for the cause of any cosmic conspiracy, if one really does exist. This assumption must be that the account of the origins of this evil menace as portrayed in the Bible must be the authoritative standard for basing our decisions. Without these assumptions, any possible hope of following the conspiracy trail through human history will be lost in the wind of subjectivism - everyone’s opinions are just as valid as anyone’s opinion. To be sure, the power of a conspiracy is to hide in plain sight. With everyone so busy formulating their opinions about what can be, and what is true, they miss the point that truth is not a matter of opinion but a matter of a Person, Who is the originator of Truth.

In the next post we will uncover the plot as it was exposed at some point in the eternal realm, and how the key player and the plan has invaded our world with catastrophic results. So until then, stay tuned, and tune in...

by Pastor Jim Anan

Elevate Church

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