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The Gender Bender: Part 1 - Invasion of the Body Snatchers

In this 3-part series I am going to present what I believe is the bullseye on the target that Satan has fixated on regarding his obsession with controlling, and eventually destroying humans. It is as old as human history and has taken many forms over the millennia. This plan has had three major offensives (time will tell if there are others), the third of which we are seeing played out on our watch. Its insidious implications portend disastrous outcomes if not checked.

First, a little introduction is in order...

Throughout recorded human history there have been watershed moments when the ubiquitous unrest of the human condition has erupted in revolts, revolutions, reformations, and redefinitions of what it means to be human and how we humans will live together on the planet we call home. Every tribe and tongue on every continent and in every culture has been affected by these upheavals. There is no sphere of life that has not encountered these seismic seizures.

Our existence in between the crests of these waves has been marked with posturing and power plays that result in some form of oppression that leads to the next clarion call to throw off the chains of restrictions and march arm in arm into some undefined utopian promised land. The leaders of these movements are heralded as heroes of liberation only to be transformed into the elite class of oppressors that need to be overthrown once again. What a sad saga.

As a result of this, the world is awash with theories of “deep state” conspiracies that control these events that sound so far fetched that it is easy to sluff them off as fodder for hollywood. However, if you dare to believe it, the deep state is much deeper than one can imagine. Its depth goes back to some eternal moment before the creation of what we know of the physical realm. Its depth goes down into the deepest darkness imaginable - a dark hole of evil that seeks to bend light. The biblical account of creation in Genesis unveils it in the garden, and the warning from Jesus to the Church of Thyatira in the book of Revelation nails it as the “deep things of Satan” (Rev. 2:24).

Was Jesus a conspiracy theory proponent? Was He overreacting for sensational effect to get the Church’s attention? Jesus never mixed or wasted words. If there is such a thing as the deep state, the deep things of Satan will define its agenda. As with any agenda there are many details but there must be a grand motivation driving the whole campaign. Satan has clearly defined his mission and vision statement as the overthrow of God and the conquest of the universe (see the blog series The Cosmic Conspiracy for full details of this plan). As infinitely, absolutely impossible as this is, Satan is so clever and cunning that he was able to deceive an army of mutinous spiritual beings to join his coup d'état conspiracy and began to wage war on the Creator. The first battle would be waged from planet earth and Satan’s first target would be humanity.

If Satan had an army of powerful spirit beings at his beck and call, what on earth would he need humans for? They seemed so frail and innocuous. Surely, they would be of no use in the heat of combat. Satan needed a headquarters to launch his assaults and earth seemed to be the perfect launching pad. The biggest obstacle standing in his way, however, was humans. God had created them and given them authority to rule on His behalf and fill the earth with other humans, and in the process, transform the earth to resemble Heaven. Jesus summed up this mission in one line of His profoundly simple prayer: “Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.” If Satan was to succeed he would have to pervert and twist this prayer to read, “My will be done on Earth so I can invade Heaven.”

Satan was aware that he could not simply take control of the planet. He would have to use the same power of deception tactics that he used to recruit his demon hordes. He would have to trick and trap Adam and Eve into abdicating their positions of viceroys. The account of Genesis 3 tells of that fateful moment in human history. Satan now had within his clutches the authority to rule on planet earth and wanted to get busy prosecuting his plans.

There was still one rather looming problem that came in the form of a pronouncement from God over Adam, Eve, and Satan. Among the judgments handed down from the Courts of Heaven was the revelation that a power struggle would ensue between Satan and the “seed” of humanity the moment they exited the Garden. God not only states there would be a cosmic tug-of-war, but He prophesies the outcome: Satan will bruise the heel of humanity, but the seed of humanity would eventually crush his head.

What was at the core of this war? How could weak and so easily influenced humans be of any real threat to Satan? He had taken control of the planet with one slick sermon about the virtues of self-rule and the absolute enthralling liberation of autonomy from a controlling Creator. Couldn’t he just keep using the same story line time and again? Wouldn’t humans keep falling into the same trap? Human history has shown the efficacy of this simple but sinister narrative - the names and faces change, but the outcomes still remain the same - humans are easily deceived. This war could be won by Satan if he relentlessly tempted the “seed” of humans in the same way he did with their parents. Apples don’t fall far from the tree, as we like to say.

There was, however, one critical detail that Satan nearly overlooked. Although these humans were easy pickings, each “seed” that would come into the world had something that reminded humans of their created destinies. There was something about their humanness that made humans look up and out into the expanse of the vastness of the universe and long for the meaning of their origin and existence. As long as humans kept being born, the potential for humanity to snap out of their spiritual amnesia was an ever present threat.

The detail that Satan had nearly overlooked was this: And God said, let us make man in our image and likeness…” This image and likeness of God inside humanity had the potential to transform mere mortals into mighty giants that would have the power to crush Satan’s head and grind his plans into oblivion. If he was to win the prophesied war he would have to face off with this menace. Satan would somehow have to destroy or distort this image of God so that the “seed” of humanity no longer carried the code of destiny. This plan would need to go much deeper than deception. Satan must find a way to crack this God-code and introduce defects that would actually alter what the seed produced. Satan must somehow de-create man and re-create man in his own image. As fanciful as this sounds, this is precisely what Satan sets out to do. The first attempt at this corruption is so bizarre and otherworldly that it almost defies imagination.

If you follow the account of human history post Garden explosion, there are pages of genealogy and short descriptions of significant humans. Not really much to report. Humans continued to multiply and fill the earth but by the time of the record presented in the sixth chapter of Genesis, something very diabolical was about to invade Earth. To the natural human mind what transpired is reported so matter-of-factly that it seems like the author must have had a lapse of consciousness and scribbled down the plot line for a sci-fi movie. However, because it was written down in this fashion without much introduction or explanation, this report carries much credibility. To the original readers, who were not too far removed from the events presented, this would have been just like a news report of something that everyone was familiar with as an historical reality.

What happened could best be described as the invasion of the body snatchers. The writer of Genesis 6 states that there was an order of spiritual beings that were called, “The Sons of God” that were present in the realms of Earth. The term, Sons of God can be understood to mean that they were divine beings that were created by God with certain attributes that distinguished them from other created beings. There is SO much regarding the spirit dimension that we simply do not understand, but we must concede that there are things in that realm that simply defy explanation. We must remember, one of Satan’s favorite halloween costumes is human intellect with the mask of reason. These are great disguises and no one with half a brain would believe such nonsense as this. Just the sort of things that make his plans work.

Humans also had the designation of Sons of God, but manifest in human form and imprinted with His image and likeness. It appears from the text that these spirit-beings were part of Satan’s army of rebellious forces. Somehow this class or order of beings had the capability of sexual interaction with humans. The account states that these beings, seeing that the daughters of humans were sexually desirable, took some of the women and were able to violate them and impregnate them with their own “seed.” The resultant offspring were mutants that had the DNA of both human and “demonic” essence.

For most of us this account is beyond belief. However, human “mythology” is replete with ancient stories of mighty men, mighty warriors, and demi-god rulers that dominated certain regions of the earth and led great cities and even civilizations. These were humanoids of great renown not just in physical stature (although some were, like Goliath et al) but in areas of science, architecture, art, and philosophy. In short, Satan had succeeded in splicing demonic DNA into the image and likeness of God creating a pandemic with the potential to corrupt all of humanity if the genetic codes could be passed on from generation to generation.

For a period of undisclosed time this mutation was sweeping through the earth. The results were catastrophic. Instead of man being fruitful, multiplying, and bringing the earth under the domain of Heaven, the earth was filled with violence and corruption so much so that God had to intervene to save humanity from oblivion (see Genesis 6). In deep sorrow, God pronounces a purging over planet earth we now know as the Great Flood. This was not an act of vengeful wrath but one of extreme mercy. Only one man/family had enough righteous image of God still intact that God preserved this man/family as the seed He would plant after the water subsided. We are all familiar with the account of Noah’s Ark and how from this one family, the earth would be repopulated again - with the origins mandate intact.

After the invasion of the body snatchers incident, God must have banned these demon spirits from violating humans in this manner again. However, this genetic mutation must have been so powerful and pervasive that it somehow survived and passed on through one of Noah’s offspring (most likely Ham, his son) because we see the recurrence of some form of the race of giants reappear after the flood. If you follow the biblical narrative of these giants, we find their final demise came under the kingship reign of David. He took care of Goliath, and some of his brave warriors took down the remaining brothers of Goliath. They have not been seen or heard from again since - at least not in that form!

Satan’s first attempt at de-creating man in his own image had been short circuited. The war was still on. The human seed to come with the power and authority to crush Satan under his feet was still somewhere in the line of the sons of God that were made in His image. Satan’s next attack of corrupting the seed of the Image of God takes on a very different veneer. This assault would be much more subtle - playing to his strengths, Satan would use “replacement therapy” on humans and introduce them to the wonderful world of worship to idols. As we will see, this is not just a benign religious exercise for humans who are obsessed with worship. It is a powerful spiritual force that has the power to transform humans into altered states.

Tune in next time to find out more...

by Pastor Jim Anan

Elevate Church

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