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The Gender Bender: Part 3 - Follow The Science (Series End)

The focus of this series of posts has been to lay out and expose a very ancient plot of Satan’s to destroy the image of God in Humanity. The word destroy can carry with it the idea of a process of decay and rot until the object being destroyed looks nothing like the object when it was in its pristine condition. Eventually, the degradation will have completed its decomposition and the object either dies or falls to pieces as a worthless pile of parts. If one were to take an honest look at human history, this destruction process is in the late stages. One could argue, however, that our 21st century human race is light years away from our neanderthal-like ancestors. Advancements in science and technology certainly have lifted humans out of the mire and morass of ignorance and superstition. After all, we do have within our moral makeup the knowledge of good and evil given to us by our first parents. Surely, after all this time we have learned to finally harness this knowledge and use it only for good. Right?

If you recall from the previous posts, the image of God imprinted in humans at creation is the Maker’s Mark that has the potential to transform the earth to look like Heaven. The earth was given to humans to steward, cultivate, and care for on behalf of God. Humans ruled over the earth through the image of God and were responsible to maintain the harmonious state of the created world by being in total harmony with their Creator. God was ruling the earth through His Image and Likeness.

We now come to the third phase of Satan’s destroy the image of God campaign which pulls together all the ancient latent longings in humans to worship everything under the sun (literally), the unquenchable thirst for knowledge and information, and the deep-seated lust for power and control. Satan has waited for millennia for just the right time and circumstances in human history to pull out all the stops. He has planted seeds of corruption, suspicion, and hatred into the human heart and veneered it with just enough of the greater good for humanity, that evil continues pump its poison through the corporate veins of a world-system that is bent of dominance and rewriting the script of what it means to be human. That script is now woven into the core and fabric of education, government, business, media, entertainment, medicine, and science.

In the previous two posts we examined Satan’s first two major attempts at keeping the image of God shattered. Both had a measure of success and created long periods of darkness and chaos on the earth. However, as a race, humans seemed to be moving in the direction of more sophistication and the old methods were not holding their attention. There was a new and awakened hunger in humanity to find meaning in life.

As human civilizations were “evolving,” the yearnings for higher revelations of humanity’s place in the universe and the deeper meaning of life began to consume the collective psyche of mankind. Great epochs in history record this humanist parade marching through periods like the Renaissance, which expounded on the beauty of creation and the wonders of humanity as creative beings.

Continuing down Mainstreet, the parade marched right into the great Enlightenment, which began to unlock the secrets of science and the power of human intellect. Mankind was beginning to understand more and desperately wanted to know all the secrets locked away in the cosmos. Everything was being questioned. Centuries-held beliefs were being challenged and shattered. Humans were vulnerable and highly impressionable, and this new scientific landslide of facts and figures was tearing the fabric of human culture and society to pieces that would have to be put back together by those who were the experts and knew what was best for humanity.

In more modern history, the parade meandered along roads that were filled with setbacks and triumphs, but progress was still being made towards the ultimate goal - the discovery of the true identity and purpose of humans. Science, education, enlightened culture, and a hunger for progress opened the door for the parade to march right into the Industrial Revolution.

Now, with stockpiles of scientific information at the ready, humans could put all this new-found truth to work in building products and economies that could direct and dictate the destinies of nations. It was an exciting time with all the new inventions and modernizations, but it created an insatiable hunger for more, bigger, and better that fully awakened the darkest side of humanity. Greed and the want for power and control became a consuming passion that would work in the background, undercover, and covertly. This was the perfect cover for Satan to propagate his plan. On the surface, this progress was all for the betterment and welfare of humans. In the subterranean underworld, humans were being sucked deeper into the kingdom of humanism.

The sinister parade was gathering momentum and participants. All the prosperity was making more and more resources available for research that filled huge databases with raw information that needed to be analyzed. The Information Age gave birth to lots of high-tech, Silicon Valley babies that grew with growth spurts never before experienced in human history. They were gorging themselves on raw data and growing at an alarming rate. Science and technology’s intelligence quotient was off the charts but its moral and ethical quotients were stuck in the infantile range. This began to pose a big problem for humanity but a grand opportunity for Satan.

Within the last 40 years or so the net that Satan cast over the kings of culture was being hoisted into his trawler. It seemed as though he was calling the shots and pulling the strings of every major facet of society. Corruption and conspiracies were flourishing. The “prince of the powers of the air” was yacking his narrative through mass media in such sly and subtle ways so that the evil intent was hardly detected - EVEN BY THE CHURCH! Generations of young people were being indoctrinated in the morals and values of hell and it was just a matter of time before the results of the doctrine of demons would manifest in ways that began to shock even the most cynical of people.

The fabric of society was unraveling, everything was being questioned and challenged. Huge amounts of money and resources were being thrown at the problems to try to satisfy the savage beast. A plethora of government programs and legislation were being enacted to try to hold back the flood but the dams just kept bursting and the waters just kept rising. It seemed as if every facet of culture was drowning and the world was being ripped apart. For the first time in a long time, it seemed as if humanity was in danger of self annihilation.

Sadly, in the midst of all the madness, the Church at large (there is always a righteous remnant, however) was preoccupied with building a fortress around itself in hopes of keeping pure in the midst of a wicked and corrupt generation. They were gazing into the heavens trying feverishly to predict when Jesus would come back to rescue His elect off this putrid planet. The Church, the light of the world, was hiding its light under a bushel. The lost who were groping in darkness were desperately searching for hope. Here was the opportune moment for Satan to don his most effective disguise - the angel of light was going to shine where the church refused to go. It was time to return to an ancient but highly effective plan.

If you remember your biblical history, there was a time very early on that mirrored our present situation. The story of the Tower of Babel painted a picture of a unified humanity able to accomplish anything, including becoming “like the gods,” if they rallied together under one banner, one name, one all-encompassing world order and leadership. If they could just get everyone on the same page, nothing would be impossible to them. Humans could exist and flourish without the interference and meddling of Almighty God. Satan was going to take this page out of history and give it a modern flare.

Now, after a few generations of constant cultural conditioning, it was time for the frontal attack. Hiding in the shadows with whispering was being replaced with bold and brash, no holds barred, wrecking ball tactics. The “one world order” idea was being held out as the best hope for humanity. For the first time in history, Satan had all the powerbrokers, the global logistics, and the tactical resources to pull this off.

Satan has infiltrated and clawed his way to the top of the hill in every major sector of society. He has government to oppressively legislate and enforce his doctrine. He has the media/entertainment to propagate his narrative and act as his mouthpiece. He has education to indoctrinate our youth and brainwash them to march in lockstep with his diabolical agenda. He has business to fund his corruption campaigns. And he has as his prized possession, science, to prove his positions and to systematically suppress the truth through his puppet pundits who have become the go-to gurus of the cult of knowledge. After all, the word science means knowledge, and isn’t the lust for more knowledge the reason humans are in dire straits?

The old adage “information is power” has never been more true than it is today. If you have the right experts interpreting the information that science is pumping out, you have the power to convince entire populations that the most proper and logical thing to do is allow science to determine our path to higher human existence and greater enlightenment. After all, facts are facts. And the road to more abundant life is paved with facts. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Science, in its purest form, can be the pursuit of understanding the wonders of creation by an amazing Almighty God. I believe that God has put it in the hearts and minds of the humans He created to search out the mysteries of the universe. He has given us an amazing mind to process and comprehend vast amounts of information. God does not hide things from us, He hides things for us to find so we would seek them out and in the process grow closer to Him.

As with all good things that God has created, Satan has found ways to twist and pervert science so that it can now be used for controlling the entire global population into believing the interpretation of the data through a very narrow window of hand-picked experts that speak the party line. All contrary and alternative views are decried as heretical and conspiritus and are tarred and feathered and thrown out into the public square amidst a chorus of “shame on you for leading people astray.”

In the most recent barrage of poisonous propaganda, we are being told (even reprimanded) to trust our leaders and trust the science as if God was incarnated through these entities. However, there are glaring warning signs that we must not overlook. For instance, up until the most recent times, some of the key pillars of our medical system have been the wisdom of second opinions, informed consent, and the right to reject treatment.

When was the last nationally broadcast mass media press conference or news interview that included experts of equal weight giving opposing views on the “science” so we could hear all sides of the story without suppression or censoring, or worse, vilifying opposing views? When was the last time you heard the powers that be openly and without bias give full disclosures of not only the benefits but also of the dangers and shortfalls of the present practice of science? When was the last time you heard the storyline include encouragement to the population to make personal, informed decisions about applying the science to their personal lives, or not? Instead, a constant undertone (sometimes outright blatant) of “shame on you for not coloring within the lines” has become the scarlet letter on those who are choosing to march to the beat of a different drummer.

As this “Cancel Culture” is systematically backing the opposition into the corner, Satan is continuing to use his sinister science to bolster his assault on his main objective - destroy the image of God in humanity. He is incorporating every resource in this effort. He is feverishly working to crack the creation code so he can scramble the genetics of humanity and destroy every vestige of God’s original intention for His image to be FULLY reflected through the ONLY two expressions He has sanctioned - MALE & FEMALE.

There is a rude awakening awaiting this perverted passion of Satan and his science. The deeper into this realm he goes, the closer to self-annihilation he gets. As he works to rid any trace of the image of God in humans he will eventually reach the central core where an unchangeable, unalterable, uncontrollable, and omnipotent being exists. In this core he will not find the image of God, but God himself. God is the central core of all that He created (see Col. 2). If and when Satan reaches the center, he will be face to face with God, Himself. What do you think that moment will be like?

If we are going to follow the science we had better make sure that the trajectory is heading into the throne room of the universe and not the pit of hell. Might be time to get a second opinion?

by Pastor Jim Anan

Elevate Church

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