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O U R  H I S T O R Y


     Elevate Church was incorporated in 2001 (originally as White Mountain Christian Church) as an outreach to the White Mountains Region of North Western New Hampshire. Jim and Angel Anan and John and Dorothy Anan relocated (from NJ and DE respectively) to the Littleton, NH area in April of 2001 and began the process of settling in and setting the foundation of the church. The ministry began by holding home Bible studies and prayer meetings with the purpose of establishing relationships and casting a vision for this new work.


     This format continued until public meetings began in 2002. As the church grew, various rented meeting locations were used to conduct services. In mid-2004 the church rented space in the former Littleton Hospital that was being renovated for office space. It was here that the church began to mature and train a committed core of members to bring the ministry to the next level of growth.


     The church continued to meet in this rented space for the next 2.5 years. During this time, the Lord was refining His call and assignment for Elevate. In the Fall of 2006 after a time of praying and seeking the Lord for the next step in our journey, a large, abandoned factory complex came onto our radar screen as a possible location to establish a home base. After investigating and viewing the space, we knew that this was a door that God was opening for us.


     With a small church and no cash capital, we put in an offer to purchase the facility. To our excitement, the offer was accepted and we were faced with the daunting task of coming up with the money! We contacted a few banks, which promptly informed us that this would be nearly impossible based on the church’s financial situation. God had other plans, though. We contacted a ministry friend from New Jersey who is involved in financing and told him our story. Through many divinely directed steps, he was able to connect us with a lending institution with which we found tremendous favor. Our task from that point was to come up with 20% of the purchase price, which was still more money then we had!


     God will always make a way, however. Still short about $45,000 for the down payment, we approached the seller of the property with a request for some assistance. They not only assisted, but gave us the $45K for a gift! So, in May of 2007 we were able to close on the property, and in June we held our first service in what is now called “The Bridge Community Outreach Center”. It is 37,000 sq ft of Kingdom potential!


     A large part of the mission and vision of the church is to establish a regional outreach center that will impact the entire White Mountains Region of NH.  This facility will house the church and its ministries and also function as a Community Resource Center to serve the needs of families and individuals in all spheres of life. Some of what we envision this facility housing are; social outreach support programs, after-school and daycare programs, crisis pregnancy center, a counseling and healing center for marriages and individuals, a food and clothing pantry, and a Christian School. We believe God has led us to the facility to be a home base for the ministry of Elevate Church. Littleton and the surrounding communities are our mission field and we are blessed that God has opened this door to us.  


     Renovations and development of the property will be an on-going project. The Lord has opened the door and He will be faithful to watch over His word to perform it!

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