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Team Approach At Elevate Church, we believe that the New Covenant approach to church leadership is based on the model of Ephesians 4:11-ff. This model is a team approach with the leadership supporting, training, equipping and releasing the saints to the work of the ministry. We believe that leaders are to be examples of what it means to serve Jesus and work to inspire and train others to follow His example. We believe that the base of leadership should be broad and deep to support the weight of God’s glory. We believe in the biblical mandates and qualifications of leadership positions for both men and women, and encourage each believer to strive for personal responsibility in the ministry the Holy Spirit has appointed them to. Elevate Church has a number of ministry/service areas that are lead by various members of the church. We work together as a team and believe that all the members of the church have a vital role in accomplishing our mission.

Sr. Leaders, Jim & Angel Anan

Jim & Angel have served in church leadership capacities since their marriage in 1989. Prior to this, Jim served as a missionary in Sri Lanka for 2 years. Angel is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Bible School and Jim has a B.A. in religion from Bethany Bible College, advanced certifications in Christian Counseling from the NCCA and a D.S.S from Christian Life School of Theology. They both have a passion to see the Kingdom of God transform Littleton and the region of Northern New Hampshire.

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Pastor Jimmy & Laurie Anan

Assistant Pastor: Jimmy found his passion for church ministry after he graduated high school and attended Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California from 2010-2012. He graduated from their 2 year program and has since earned his Bachelor’s Degree of Theology through Christian Life School of Theology Global in 2023. He has a pastoral heart for working side by side with men to help them through personal struggles into places of freedom & victory. He also has a passion to equip the church body to do the work of ministry. Worship Leader: Laurie has served on various church worship teams vocally & instrumentally ever since learning guitar at the age of 12. She attended Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia in 2007, graduating with a Certificate in Worship & Creative Arts for Vocal Performance. Carrying a deep passion for worship, she aspires to write songs that glorify God and release hope. Jimmy & Laurie were married in 2014 and have been serving together on the Elevate Church leadership team ever since. In their free time, they enjoy kayaking, traveling, watching movies, spending quality time with family & close friends, and spending time with their funny dog, Lucy.

Jon Fouch

Jon serves as an elder in the church and lives on fire for King Jesus. On any given Sunday, you might find Jon teaching the teens, running a kids church lesson, cleaning the bathroom, chatting with a visitor, praying for the sick, inviting the church to encounter more of God, laughing out loud with Joy, singing singing singing, dancing like David, and/or on his face hungering for more of God! You will also definitely find Jon at church(and everywhere else) having the time of his life with has wonderful wife Tori and their adorable daughter Zealynn Praise. He is an alumnus from Evangel University and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

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