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C O R E  V A L U E S

Primary Core Values – What Motivates Us to Minister


  • God wants to abide with and dwell in His children. We have a passion for His presence among us in all we do. We want to see His glory!


  • God wants to display His power and majesty to all creation. We have a passion to access and release His power to save, heal and deliver a lost world.


  • God wants all humanity to experience the depth of His love and to know Him intimately. We have a passion to know God and make Him known through the proclamation of the gospel and through the demonstration of our sacrificial acts of love to the world around us.



Guiding Core Values  – What Shapes the Way We Minister

  • God is good, all the time. He does not put sickness, poverty or calamity on His children. However, God is at work in these circumstances to bring about good for those who love Him and are called to His purposes.

  • God is always approachable and deeply desires that we come boldly into His presence. We can always approach Him in confidence that He wants to fellowship with us.


  • God’s requirements for holiness and righteousness have been satisfied in Jesus and He is now reconciling the world back to Himself through the power of the cross.


  • We live and minister through grace. Jesus perfectly represents Who the Father is. Seeing and knowing Jesus is seeing and knowing God, the Father.


  • In spiritual warfare, we focus on the light, not obsess over the darkness, for light always expels darkness. We are seated in heavenly places and use our authority in this realm to influence the other realms of life.


  • We desire for excellence in all we do (Excellence is knowing that we have done our absolute best, with the resources and abilities we have in the current circumstances).


  • We desire to practice integrity and honesty in all of our relationships – we deal with offenses before the enemy has a chance to use it against us.


  • God is always speaking to us if we are willing to listen. He has sacred secrets to share with His kids. Prayer is the foundation of our relationship with the Father.


  • We believe that all of the Gifts of the Spirit are in operation today and we are expected to steward them in our daily lives.


  • God always works things out for good in our life if we let him.


  • God always wants to demonstrate His power and love to the world through us by means of various signs and wonders that should be following us.


  • It is God’s will to save and heal everyone who comes to Him in faith. When we don’t see the manifestation, we continue to persist in hope and confidence and declare that God is faithful.


  • God wants us to access, employ and enjoy the blessings of our inheritance that are available here and now as well as in eternity.


  • God wants to bless and prosper His children in every way; financially, physically, mentally, relationally, etc…. We believe in prosperity with a Kingdom purpose according to 2 Corinthians 9.


  • God loves us perfectly so we can live without fear in all things. Our identity is firmly established in being created in His image.


  • God’s process for fruitfulness in our lives includes our personal responsibility to make wise choices and good decisions, work hard, correct mistakes and partner with God in transforming our lives into the image of Jesus.


  • We are called to reign in this life (we represent the highest authority in the universe) with Jesus. Jesus sends us into the world in the same way and with the same resources He had. We have the same mission to advance the Kingdom and transform culture.


  • Jesus is in the process of building His Body, the church, on the earth. All the fullness of the Father’s plans and His glory are found in the church. The anointing that will transform the world is a corporate anointing.


  • Apostolic church structure and government is the leadership ordained by Jesus to advance His church. We embrace this Kingdom structure and honor and respect each individual and office accordingly.

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