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M I S S I O N & P U R P O S E


We purpose to live out the prayer of Jesus that the will of God be done on the earth as it is in heaven. In practical terms, we are here to bring about the transformation of our communities by re-presenting the ministry of Jesus and demonstrating the power and love of God in every facet of life.


Our Purpose Defined:


· To Establish a body of believers who will honor and glorify God in our personal life with Jesus, in corporate worship, in relationships, in the marketplace, and in every arena God sends us


· To Proclaim the saving grace and love of Jesus and to present His healing power to the broken in body, mind, and spirit


· To Train, equip and release every believer in freedom to reach their God-given purpose through the power of the Holy Spirit.


· To Network and share resources with other churches and ministries in the North Country with a goal of becoming a truly New Testament expression of the Body of Christ


·To Partner with foreign missionaries, churches and other organizations of like-mind and purpose with our prayers, finances, and resources


J  u  s  t    I  m  a  g  i  n  e  !


Let your imagination go beyond the walls of your experience for a moment. What do you see? We see, by faith, our communities being transformed by the power of God. We see individuals, marriages, and families being healed and strengthened. We see the miraculous power of God saving and healing the lost and broken-hearted. We see our churches overflowing and on fire with the purposes of God. It’s time to lift our vision higher! God wants to demonstrate His great love and grace to our region. He is looking for those who dare to believe Him for an outpouring of His Spirit like never before!


We invite you to come and grow with us as we seek His Presence, His Power, and His Purpose for our lives and our region.

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